Children’s Race Rules

Kids Oyster Race Rules

Competition will take place weather permitting.
Sign-ups begin at 1p.m. Saturday afternoon; race begins at 2p.m. on the tennis court, adjacent to the school.

Two Age Groups: 6-8 & 9-12

Limit of 5 Contestants Per Age Group

  1. Start point is marked on the tennis court.
  2. When the emcee says “Ready, Set Go” you put on the boots, gloves, grab the bucket and run up to the oyster boat.
  3. Get in the boat.
  4. While wearing the gloves, dig through the wooden box (staying in the boat) looking for oysters. Remember pull out only oysters and place in your bucket. Lots of other stuff will be in the pool along with the oysters. 
  5. Leave your bucket in the boat at the end of time. 
  6. Time is 1 minute.
  7. Winner is determined by the amount of oysters in the basket at the end of the runway, any not dumped before time runs out does not count. 
  8. For each shell in the basket, you will lose one oysters in your final count. 
  9. In case of a tie, there will be a run-off. 
  10. Judge’s decisions are final.