Trot Line Baiting Competition Rules



Trot Line Baiting Competition Rules

  1. Competition will begins at the signal “GO” and time will start.
  2. Competitors will remove “bait” from snooze and lay lines and replace it with a “fresh” piece of “bait”.
  3. Once all bait pieces have been replaced and final chain has been pulled completely into finished barrel, time will stop.
  4. Judges will then check over the lines to ensure all bait is still intact and secured to the line.
  5. All pieces missing or skipped from the line will result in a penalty.
  6. The competitor with the most secured pieces that has the best time will be the winner.
  7. Any competitor who intentionally interferes with another competitor during the race will be disqualified.

● Trot lines will consist of 20 total pieces of bait, 10 snooze and 10 lay, alternated every six feet. At each end of the trot line there will be a length of chain which competitors will start and finish with.