Weekend of fun for the whole family

Entertaining contests, educational exhibits

Leisurely shopping for all

Community centered purpose

Opportunity to savor local seafood delicacies

Muskrat cooked the old fashioned way

Enjoy the heartland of Maryland, Dorchester County

WELCOME to the National Outdoor Show!

You are now in Muskrat Country: the heartland of sportsmen, trappers, watermen and wildlife!  We are proud to show you the best that comes from our boot-sucking marshes and the flowing water that surrounds them.  Most of all, we hope to share the unique spirit and character of our hard working people, who keep one foot in a technologically savvy world, and the other stuck deep in our traditional old school ways.

During your visit to the Outdoor Show, we hope that you learn about this area in much the same way as our first settlers did when they discovered the Indians, who were willing to share their knowledge of trapping, skinning, fur dealing, hunting, fishing, crabbing and oystering.  As you view the exhibits, sample the food, and observe the enthusiasm of the people involved in the show, we hope you will gain an appreciation for the true spirit and character of Dorchester County.

The National Outdoor Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, proudly celebrates 34 years of Show sponsorship.  Our vision is to continue promoting conservation, education and preservation of the outdoor centered culture of Dorchester County.  We give special thanks to all of you who support the National Outdoor Show, either through attendance, assistance, participation or donations.  We are honored by the positive response you have given us in the past and ask that you continue to share our dream for the future.

We especially want to thank the Dorchester County Board of Education, for allowing the use of the South Dorchester K-8 School for the National Outdoor Show.

The Officers and Committee Members

of the National Outdoor Foundation, Inc.

Admission: $8 Adult, $4 Child

Separate admission is required for each show.

Friday Evening – DOORS @5p, SHOW BEGINS @ 7P – Til

Saturday Matinee  DOORS @ 9AM, PAGEANT BEGINS @10:30a – 2p

Saturday Evening Show begins 6p-Til

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